Todd Dammer has been working with flowers since 1986. His route to the industry is an exciting and unconventional one. Todd was working as a meat cutter when there was a strike. He was offered a one day job unloading a truck of glass and made such a great impression that by the end of the day he had been offered a job in sales. The contribution Todd makes in providing the best products and service he can excites him. He has been recognized many times for reaching his landmark sales goals, an achievement that can be credited to his skill of doing everything he can to help his customers.

When Todd isn’t working he loves “blasting down some blacktop road” on his Harley, searching for rusty gold and collectibles in junk stores and flea markets, spending time in his garage –“The GarageMahal,” the Pittsburgh Steelers and traveling with his wife. Todd supports the American Cancer Society, a cause you can learn more about by visiting

Give Todd a call and let him put his knowledge and experience to work for you!