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Proudly serving florists in seven state of the Midwest!

Proudly serving florists in seven states of the Midwest!

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In 2022, Bella Burkhart joined the North American Wholesale Florist, Inc. Sales Team, bringing her 8 years of floral experience and a talent for wedding and event work.

Bella is passionate about helping her customers create beautiful designs and keeping them up to date with the most current trends and styles. She excels at finding substitutions in a pinch and is our resident innovator and DIY master. When she’s not helping you find a solution or create a floral masterpiece, you can be sure to find her working on a project of her own!

In her free time, Bella is a nature lover and spends her time hiking, camping, grilling, or relaxing on a hammock during the warm months.
We’re certain that you’ll love working with Bella and she can’t wait to help you and your business flourish!



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