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Proudly serving florists in seven state of the Midwest!

Proudly serving florists in seven states of the Midwest!

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Wholesale Only Please

North American Wholesale Florist is a distribution company serving professional Retail Florists, Interior Designers, and Cottage Industry Businesses.

A photocopy of your business’ sales tax license certificate is required for hard goods, silks, and supplies.

For fresh cut flower and green purchases, we prefer our customers own a floral cooler and possess the knowledge and experience required to continue the “cold chain”. This policy helps insure the proper care and handling of perishable products for resale to the customer. If you would like more information,
please let us know.

In the on-going effort to keep our prices and warehouse truly wholesale, we have instituted a $250.00 minimum purchase/order of fresh cut products for house accounts purchasing fresh products.

Please speak to your sales rep for further information.
Thank you for your compliance.

Harry Whelden III
President/General Manager
North American Wholesale Florist, Inc.
715 South 7th Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104