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Proudly serving florists in seven state of the Midwest!

Proudly serving florists in seven states of the Midwest!

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Always funny, Kristi Hembree brings positivity to North American Wholesale Florist, INC’s Sales Department. Kristi attended school in Mitchell, South Dakota where she found work part-time at a local florist. Her work with flowers led her to NAWFI, where she was a perfect fit for our company.

Kristi traded her dreams of being a movie star to move to the big city of Sioux Falls, SD and sell flowers to her customers, who she says are the best. Kristi works hard but never loses her sense of humor, which she uses to lighten any situation. If you’re in a bind, Kristi will do everything she can to help, and uses her 20 years of floral experience to offer solutions and alternatives to the most stressful moments.

On the days she isn’t working with her customers Kristi can be found with her family, usually sailing their yacht in Milan or another fabulously exotic location.



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